The Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited

The Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack.This report contains in depth information and data about the company and its operations. The profile contains a company overview, key facts, major products and services, financial ratios, key competitors, financial analysis, key employees as well as company locations and subsidiaries.

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The report utilizes a wide range of primary and secondary sources, which are analyzed and presented in a consistent and easily accessible format. Canadean strictly follows a standardized research methodology to ensure high levels of data quality and these characteristics guarantee a unique report.

• Identifies crucial company information about “The Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited” along with major products and services for business intelligence requirements.
• Provides key ratios on company’s financial performance.
• Identifies key employees to assist with key business decisions.
• Provides annual and interim financial ratios.

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Key Highlights
The Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Ltd. (BBTCL) is a manufacturer and supplier of food and health care products. The company’s business activity includes plantations, foods, textiles, chemicals, electronics and light engineering, health care and real estate. It offers organic tea, coffee, plantation products, biscuits, dairy products, auto electric parts and white goods parts. BBTCL also provides weighing products, dental products, orthopaedic products and opthalmic products. The company is ISO certified. It has operations in Mumbai, Maharashtra; Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu; Kochi, Kerala; and Valsad, Gujarat. BBTCL is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

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Philippines Commercial Banking Report Q1 2015

Philippines Commercial Banking Report Q1 2015 is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. The commercial banking forecast series covers 62 countries accounting for 80% of global GDP. Each report, researched at source, features independent assessment and 5-year forecasts to end-2017 for the commercial banking sector in each market. Using its expertise in both country risk and financial markets analysis, has created exclusive models to forecast a wealth of key variables on the commercial banking sector. Historic and forecast data are provided for the sector’s total asset and liability growth, client loans, and client deposits. Forecasts for key ratios including the loan-deposit ratio and the loan-asset ratio are also included, as well as core macro-economic forecasts. Data is presented in both local currency and US dollar terms.

Each report examines key drivers of growth and future prospects, including the macroeconomic situation, the level of development and potential for growth of the banking sector, the commercial initiatives of major players, government policy and the regulatory environment.

Central analysis are our unique Commercial Banking Business Environment Ratings. The unique country-comparative Risk-Reward Rating provides a clear, quantified, independent assessment of the opportunities and dangers of operating in each market. The methodology draws together our in-depth knowledge of competitive pressures, our comprehensive industry market forecasts, and our Country Risk team’s unrivalled analysis of economic, political and operational risks.

The reports also feature profiles of leading banks, covering total assets, liabilities, client deposits, lending, bond holdings, main products and services, competitive positioning and ownership structure.
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Philippines Information Technology Report Q1 2015

Philippines Information Technology Report Q1 2015 is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. We have a bullish outlook for the development of the Philippines’ IT market, as we identify it as a regional outperformer over the medium term. The low penetration of products and services has left an opportunity for vendors to target the market as incomes rise and device prices decline, creating a fertile environment for a period of robust catch-up growth. Meanwhile, the booming business process outsourcing (BPO) industry presents a huge opportunity for enterprise sales for hardware and software vendors. Taking the market as a whole, we forecast IT spending growth of 10.9% in 2015, with the market expected to reach
a value of PHP201.5bn. Over the medium term emerging technologies will add to the growth momentum, particularly in the latter years of our forecast, with cloud services, big data analytics, smart infrastructure, telehealth and e-government all expected to contribute to growth.
Headline Expenditure Projections
– Computer hardware sales: PHP99.1bn in 2014 to PHP106.2bn in 2015, growth of 7.2%. Desktop and notebook shipments remain under pressure, and with demand shifting to lower-cost devices, increases in market value will not keep pace with unit growth.
To view the table of contents and know more details please visit Philippines Information Technology Report Q1 2015

Philippines Retail Report Q1 2015

Philippines Retail Report Q1 2015 is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. Growing disposable incomes are driving sales of non-essential items such as clothing and furnishings in the Philippines, with the convenience food sector also growing rapidly as urban dwellers become increasingly wealthy. Additionally, growth is spreading beyond the capital of Manila to other regions. These factors result in a strong rise in household spending across all retail subsectors in the
Philippines over the next few years. We are particularly positive about the future growth prospects for communications, health and transport, with spending on restaurants & hotels and furnishing & home also set to rise.
The Philippines retail report provides detailed information on household spending on various segments within the retail sector. Future spending patterns are identified, along with the key drivers behind these. The outlook for the sector as a whole, as well as for individual segments within it, is discussed; as well as the implications for investors and individual companies.
To view the table of contents and know more details please visit Philippines Retail Report Q1 2015

Poland Mining Report Q1 2015

Poland Mining Report Q1 2015 is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. Growth in the Polish mining sector will be modest over the coming years. The coal sector will be overhauled as the government seeks to either restructure or close unprofitable mines. Copper output will struggle as falling copper ore grades and weak prices are set to hinder growth. Nevertheless, the rate of growth we forecast indicates that the country will remain one of the most significant players in the
European coal, silver and copper markets.
The main downside risks to our forecasts are weak copper and coal prices, cheap coal imports and labour unrest in the sector. Due to our view for a sharp slowdown in Chinese economic growth and expectation for increased copper supply, we expect lower copper prices over coming years. We forecast copper prices to average USD6,450/tonne over 2014-2018, significantly lower than their 2011 average of USD8,826/tonne. Combined with falling ore grades in Poland, these lower prices will significantly disincentive investment in the sector. Lower commodity prices will also have the effect of squeezing miners’ margins, precipitating cutbacks and thus heightening the risk of industrial unrest. Poland’s mining sector is comprised of strong
unions and as such we highlight tense wage negotiations and potential strikes to affect the sector over coming years.
To view the table of contents and know more details please visit Poland Mining Report Q1 2015

Poland Oil and Gas Report Q1 2015

Poland Oil and Gas Report Q1 2015 is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. We have revised down our long-term gas production forecast due to recent disappointing shale drilling results. More time, additional exploration and below-ground data will be required to obtain a better idea of the country’s actual shale gas potential and to optimise the drilling and hydraulic fracturing processes required for Poland’s challenging geology. We have factored in a small and progressive uptick in shale gas production from 2020 onwards.
The main trends and developments we highlight for Poland’s oil and gas sector are:
– Poland passed a business-friendly shale gas bill in August 2014, an important step towards creating more attractive investment environment for shale gas explorers. With an improved above-ground environment, much will now depend on better below-ground results.
To view the table of contents and know more details please visit Poland Oil and Gas Report Q1 2015

Romania Retail Report Q1 2015

Romania Retail Report Q1 2015 is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. Romania’s retail market saw strong growth in 2014 as total household spending registered an forecast 5.2% increase. However, anticipates that the spending will decline by approximately 2.0% in 2015 and will not start rebounding by the end of the year. Romania’s economy is struggling to grow as a result of pessimism demonstrated by both consumers and retailers. The construction sector and foreign direct investment are slowing down and the government is facing challenges to consolidate the budget, which will resonate in the household spending. Despite this, several retail chains are planning expansion in Romania in 2015, including new outlets and shopping malls. The expects that this large market will see more openings as we expect the government to fix budget problems, GDP to grow and consumer optimism to recover during 2016-2018.
One of the newest members of the European Union, Romania remains at the bottom of the block in most of the economic indicators. Its GDP per capita is second lowest among 28 member states and 46% lower than the union’s average. Nevertheless, it is rapidly approaching the Western European average rising from 43% of EU average in 2007 to 54% in 2013. We expect Romania to sustain healthy growth rates in the long term and to continue approaching the European average. Unlike many Western European and, especially, Southern European countries, Romania has demonstrated impressive growth and development figures during the past 10 years and, as a country of 21.6mn people, remains a promising market for retail.
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